Wednesday, February 18, 2009

TLS on radio

New Jersey readers and podcast listeners everywhere might be interested to know that I will be on The Jeff Whitaker Show Thursday at about 3:35 pm Eastern time to discuss The Last Superstition. Tune in and see if I can boil down 2,500 years of philosophy into 25 minutes, including commercials. With a head cold.


  1. Totally OT but it doesn't look like I'm interrupting anything here just yet (while noting that this post hasn't aged too terrifically yet) so I'll just feel free to go right on.

    Ed, I just read your piece over at Counterknowledge and thought it was so well stated that I went off in search of your presence elsewhere. Well, damn! It looks like no brief agreement or argument is possible and that you're worth spending at least some ten hours reading before I can make any decisions on you. On account of my long travails on the masses of partisan sites where lots of very smart people can so easily and comfortable been pigeonholed into simple boxes, I have to express my pleasure at having no idea as to where you stand and who you are, despite having spent a FULL FIFTEEN MINUTES reading you.

    Usually just two sentences suffice to be able to judge a homo politicus but, like I said, you appear to not fit that mold.

    All in all, a worthy person to get to know.


    Cheers and thanks for being not so scrutible.


  2. Thank you, mnuez. Hope you like (at least some of!) the other stuff you find here...

  3. Would you kindly prevail upon Mr. Whitaker to get the podcast of this show up on his site?