Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ashes to Ashes

Today is Ash Wednesday. National Review Online has posted a symposium on the meaning of Lent, to which I have made a brief contribution.


  1. Dear Dr. Fesser,

    Thank-you for this special reminder concerning Ash Wednesday.

    On another note (and I would simply ask your kind forgiveness for an intrusion as this most especially on such a post), but will you be putting out an audio version of your book, The Last Superstition.?

    I rarely have time for readin although I frequently take seemingly long commutes to work.

    An audio version of your book would be extremelyl ideal in my case.


  2. Hi, I know of no plans for that, but I will look into it. (Maybe I can do a dramatic reading. Or not.)

  3. Good to hear.

    With all the technical reading that I often have to engage myself in, effectively leaving less time for more enjoyable leisures, that kind of option (i.e., audiobook) would sure help.

    Would you kindly keep us apprised and updated via your blog here, even if nothing happens to pan out?

    While the latter may be regrettable (although I hope this isn't the case), at the very least, we wouldn't have to sit on pins and needles, waiting in vain for something that may never materialize.

    (although, quite frankly, if you are able to do so and are planning to produce such a product for the benefit of your audience, it may very well be best for you to actually do the narration yourself in order to ensure it's done right -- not to mention, it might be an added incentive for others to buy. Or not.)