Friday, June 10, 2022

The New Apologetics

I contributed an essay on “New Challenges to Natural Theology” to Matthew Nelson’s new Word on Fire anthology The New Apologetics.  It’s got a large and excellent lineup of philosophers, theologians, and others.  You can find the table of contents and other information about the book here.


  1. An incredible collection, looking forward to buying shortly!

  2. It looks quite complete. Going by the table of contents, perhaps one could argue that it commits one of the mistakes that you mentioned before on today apologetics, Professor: it goes too fast to theism and also too fast to the christian faith. It is not that great of a problem on a cultural level because the usual sides are materialistic atheism and christianity, but it does make things look less serious.

    But perhaps the focus is more on adressing challenges from the secularists folks. That would be coherent with what i see. The chapters have several themes so i can get confused with it :)

    1. Most people even now aren't atheists though.

    2. Correct. But the usual sides on the conversations usually are christianity and materialistic atheism, at least to educated folks. I meant that these two are the usual sides in that the atheists are a strong minority

      At least here, the average non-christian is usually a kinda of theist but normally not someone who tends to see himself as a oponent of the christian faith, being mostly indiferent to it*. These guys hardly public argue against the faith, so apologists usually adress the atheists.

      *the exception being some christians conservative; mostly evangelical, groups. It is easier to see some oposition from common folks here

  3. The lineup looks good, but it seems like the book is trying to cover a lot of ground in what looks like not a lot of space. I hope the essays were able to be sufficiently fleshed out.

  4. Picked up some copies for my friends and family. This looks like a big step on people like Turek et al. who have given theistic philosophy a bad reputation