Friday, April 3, 2015

Albertus Magnus Center summer program

The Albertus Magnus Center for Scholastic Studies is sponsoring a two-week summer program in Norcia, Italy, from July 12-25.  The theme is Aquinas’s commentary on I Corinthians.  Details can be found here.


  1. Is this the same Albertus Magnus center that was associated with River Forest?

  2. I doubt it. My son-in-law and a fellow student at the International Theological Institute in Gaming, Austria started it upin 2011. I attended the one they held in 2012 when the topic was the four Gospels (and he and his even more worthy wife and their three delightful children were preparing to return to the States). Very enjoyable, but then my daughter and three of my grandchildren were there as well, which was an additional attraction that other participants probably won't have. This is being organized now by another, younger colleague from the Institute.
    The Benedictines of Norcia, mostly Americans, are perhaps the most joyful Christians I have ever encountered. If Nietzsche had met some Benedictines, he would never have dashed off that smart-ass remark about joyless Christians.