Tuesday, October 20, 2009

…but not the 90s

I can live with the Corey Hart comparison. But Vanilla Ice?! Man, that is low


  1. Let's not forget Rick Astley. (Kidding.)

  2. You need to put together an A-T rap number, Ed. As for getting it recorded, well... maybe we could take up a collection.

    While I am aware that you are out of sympathy with the ID movement, still this might inspire your rap efforts:


    1. That vid is hilarious. But it also got me thinking.

      Fitness in evolution is defined as the number of an organism's offspring that live to reach reproductive age. Given the low rate of child mortality here in the West, it's safe to say that Ed is *six times* more fit than Dickie.

      I for one find it comforting to know that my great great grandchildren (if I ever have any) will live in a world with fewer ignorant atheistic scientists and more philosophical Catholics who have mastered the art of the burn.

  3. OMG! Professor Feser does look like Vanilla Ice:


  4. I love that dittie, just shows how moronic they are :) perhaps we should do one with Aristotle and Aquinas, Boneventure and Anselm showing Dickie how he doens't know dick about metaphysic.

    BTW Ed how old this that Photo?

  5. Dr. Feser,

    Is Peter Kreeft critical of Thomists? I was listening to a speech of his once and he made a comment along the lines of how Thomists do more work muddying the water when trying to explain Thomas Aquainas.
    Then also made a joke about Thomists and arguing in circles.
    Made I'm reading too much into it. Or maybe it's well documented that he is critical of them.

    Are you aware of his positions?