Tuesday, March 28, 2023

McCaig and Reilly on All One in Christ

At Twitter, Bishop Scott McCaig kindly recommends my book All One in Christ: A Catholic Critique of Racism and Critical Race Theory.  He writes:

A devastating critique of CRT and a clear Catholic response to the evils of racism.  A real eye-opener!  The incompatibility of CRT with the Faith, its numerous logical errors, and it’s deeper entrenching of racism into societal fabric could not be clearer.  Please read.

In the Winter issue of the Claremont Review of Books, Robert R. Reilly kindly reviews the book.  From the review:

Feser’s [book] is an important rejoinder, delivered in an accessible way for a wide audience, not just specialists and Catholics…

In his chapter on “Philosophical Problems with Critical Race Theory,” he exposes the myriad logical fallacies in CRT’s central arguments.  He takes no prisoners.

For those who have not paid attention to the pronouncements of CRT’s academic exponents, Feser’s chapter on “What is Critical Race Theory?” is eye-opening.  On the evidence he presents, CRT seems to be little more than a giant tautology…

This book deserves a wide audience.  Its powerful arguments will empower the reader to confront CRT insanity, help roll it back, and prevent its further advances.


  1. What other books could you recommend that gives a more in depth analysis of CRT?
    Your book was good, but it was fairly short; I'm wondering what other resources you could suggest that further addresses the issues with CRT.

  2. Awesome bishop and former Superior General of the Companion of the Cross. The Companions are a force of good in this world. They already have two bishops. God willing more will be coming.

  3. I am discerning a vocation to the Dominican order, to continue where St. Thomas Aquinas left off. It's been at least 1000 years and surely there has to be more to add. Prayers?

    1. I pray for light on your path.

      Tom Cohoe

    2. Grognak,
      Have you considered continuing on where Aquinas left off by identifying his errors and advising other methods to come to believe in the existence of god?

      After all, the church has admitted many errors, even apologizing for past transgressions against humanity from time to time.

      Further, the church has adopted and accepted a number of modern scientific findings.

      It seems unlikely that there is more to add in attempts to affirm Aquinas because so many fine and intelligent people have been doing that for some 700 years.

      His arguments for the existence of god were based on Aristotelian physics and ancient notions of causation.

      If you wish to make progress to advance using Aquinas as a starting point I suggest you study Isaac Newton, Bertrand Russell, John Bell, and other modern researchers in the fields of physics and logic. That will provide you with the tools needed to identify the errors made by Aquinas.

      The most important things you can learn about Aquinas are his errors. Once you identify his errors you will be prepared to continue on where he left off by correcting his errors, thus making valuable progress.

    3. @StardustyPsyche Happy Atheist day!

      "For the director of music. Of David. The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.' They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good." (Psalm 14:1)

    4. @ Grognak,

      sd says, "Have you considered continuing on where Aquinas left off by identifying his errors and advising other methods to come to believe in the existence of god?"

      Of course Christians do not believe in the nothing god of his mind. His New Atheist cult of death cannot actually think about God at all because their circularity keeps them tightly reined to nothing but death and they are incapable of imagining that the real God that Christians worship does exist, because that thought contradicts their nothing assumption.

      sd has never shown anything wrong in Aquinas because the same insistent, self willed, circularity does not allow him to think of Aquinas or anyone else properly.

      The dangerous nut does not acknowledge the Haaretz article showing increasing murderous anti-Christian violence, which occurs around the world and in America, daily, and in increasing amount.

      sd and his are directly responsible for encouraging this hatred, and that's what the New Atheist cult is - a cult of hatred. By rage and outrage they think that they can rid the world of Christianity, religion, freedom of choice, and in general, those who will not be their disciples.

      People are never fooled but temporarily by the blandishments, as sd offers you, of the agents of the monoculture of hopeless hatred. That is why they always fade away and die.

      sd might speak in soft and friendly terms, a standard method of hatred based orders, but he is not your friend.



      Tom Cohoe

  4. Replies
    1. @bmiller Thank you. And it's "InfiniteLight" now. I discovered that naming yourself after a savage from Fallout has horrific consequences.

    2. Haha!. Goodspeed InfiniteLite then.

      Sometimes wisdom comes via knock in the head :-)

  5. Glad to see the recommendation of Bp. Scott McCaig, CC for your book; I'm glad to know that he also pays attention to the writings of Edward Feser. Grognak, I spent a year studying Philosophy with the Dominicans in Ottawa, ON and really appreciate them.

    - Fr. Rick Lorenz

  6. "After all, the church has admitted many errors, even apologizing for past transgressions against humanity from time to time."

    THis is utter blasphemy.