Thursday, March 13, 2014

L.A. area speaking engagements

On Saturday, March 29, I’ll be the keynote speaker at the Talbot Philosophical Society Spring Conference at Biola University in La Mirada, CA.  The theme of the talk will be “The Scholastic Principle of Causality and the Rationalist Principle of Sufficient Reason.”  Bill Vallicella will be the respondent.  Come out and see the dueling philosophy bloggers.  More information here.

On Friday, April 4, I’ll be speaking at Thomas Aquinas College in Santa Paula, CA.  The theme of the talk will be “What We Owe the New Atheists.”  More information here.

As I’ve previously announced, summer speaking engagements outside the L.A. area include events in Newburgh, NY, Berkeley, and Princeton


  1. Princeton! Wow, Ed. You're starting to get some recognition :)

  2. “What We Owe the New Atheists.”

    I would love to see THAT! Any chance of a posting here on the blog?

    I'm just finishing Aquinas (for the second time) and am eagerly looking forward to publication of Scholastic Metaphysics!

  3. Great, you'll be speaking at my alma mater, Thomas Aquinas College. Wish I could be there. Knock them out with your razzle-dazzle!

  4. I'll see you at TAC when you come here! I was very excited to see your name on the schedule. ;-)

  5. Not to derail or anything, but I was wondering if anyone might have read The True Believer: Faith, Reason, and Truth in the Light of Analogy of Being by Father Jose Alfonso Salazar Solis. I know it deals a lot with what is called the Analogy of Being, which appears to have been developed by guys like Lagrange. So I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts if they have read it. Thanks.

  6. Ahahaha, love the photo and the movie the photo is from.

    PS: I hope you'll get to come back to Australia one day for another weekend workshop.

  7. Will anyone be videotaping the event for youtube?

  8. Yes, and audio and/or video would be appreciated. BTW, guess what I just stumbled across:

    You can find Feser's talk, An Aristotelian Argument for the Existence of God, therein, among others. Have a good weekend.

  9. "[A]udio and/or video would be appreciated."

    Although video alone wouldn't be very helpful. ;-)

  10. "Although video alone wouldn't be very helpful. ;-)"

    Lip reading isn't that hard? Although I haven't tried it with heavy philosophical technical jargon! :)

    “What We Owe the New Atheists.

    I would love to see THAT!(...)"

    Is it arrogant to say I was waiting for something like this? I've got several theist/agnostic friends (including myself) who sparked their interest for in-depth philosophy by being forced to answer the now-popular one-liners of the newfound henchmen of Dawkins et al. God bless Dawkins!

  11. The Talbot link seems to be bad. There is no information regarding 3/29.

  12. @Daniel Joachim:

    Very well, I withdraw my objection but still request that captions be included. ;-)

  13. I go to Biola and will definitely be in attendance. I look forward to meeting you!

  14. "I've got several theist/agnostic friends (including myself) who sparked their interest for in-depth philosophy by being forced to answer the now-popular one-liners of the newfound henchmen of Dawkins et al. God bless Dawkins!"

    I second that thought! I got dragged into this by my oldest son, a devout atheist/agnostic (he's never quite sure which he is o any given topic) who parroted every quip made by Hitchens, Dawkins, Harris and Dennett. When I heard what laughingly passed for "being logical" in New Atheist circles, I thought maybe I had missed some great "revolution" in philosophy which had overturned classical logic. That was my impetus to resume a deeper study. It turns out that there WAS a revolution (of sorts) but it was a return to classical philosophical ideas and logic, as expounded by Dr. Feser and others.

    God bless Dr. Feser!

  15. @Robert Coble

    Yeah, New Atheists, I sometimes say, "Teach by bad example", i.e. avoid their mistakes.

    Of course refelcting upon their 'stupid critiques' is also OK.

    They might be stupid for a well informed theologian, but no doubt they might stump many 'average Christians'.

    Clearly God can draw godd even from evil :D

  16. Dr. Feser, this seems as good a place as any to say that I've started on "Aquinas" and very much appreciate your work. Thank you.

  17. If it weren't for Dawkins, I wouldn't have read TLS; and if I hadn't read TLS, I would have still thought that the existence of God couldn't be proved either way, and ultimately came down to 'faith' (understood in a fideist way).

    It has even helped strengthen my faith! (understood in a proper, Catholic way).

    So I owe a great deal of thanks to Dawkins, though still more to Prof Feser.

  18. I credit Dr. Feser for not only establishing the truth of the classical religious worldview but also inciting my great love for philosophy in general.

    It came to pass that through a family member I came across The Last Superstition, which though very difficult proved both extremely enlightening and entertaining. Since then ive been collecting a library of his and other classical philosopher's works for which i am very grateful. God bless you Professor.
    Keep up the good work!

    I impatiently await the release of your new book.