Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bloggers in arms (Updated)

Back today from the “Thomas Aquinas and Philosophical Realism” symposium in NYC.  While there I had the great pleasure of meeting blogger and statistician to the stars Matt Briggs and blogger and science-fiction scribe Mike Flynn -- names which will be known to many longtime readers of this blog.  The three of us are pictured above.

Matt’s got a rundown of the symposium over at his blog.  

UPDATE: Mike's now posted a rundown of his own at his blog.


  1. Great day! It was nice being able to see you talk in person and ask you some questions. Reading your blog and books is the reason I got interested in Thomism!

  2. Maybe those two have the height on me, but I got them beat in the other two dimensions. And maybe even the fourth.

  3. The Bermuda Triangle of bloggers? Or the Cardinal's musketeers?

  4. Which Cardinal, you mean Newman?
    (note the portrait in the back of the photo, coincidence, I don't think do)

  5. Great meeting you Prof. Feser. The speech was great. Hope you got to enjoy NY! I'd still love to read more about color perception and hylomorphic Dualism sometime.

  6. Dr. Feser:

    Do you ever give any public talks in the Los Angeles area? I have the mixed blessing of living in LA and would enjoy attending an event where you spoke.