Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Aquinas Institute

The Aquinas Institute in Wyoming will, over time, be publishing the works of Thomas Aquinas in an affordable hardcover format, both in Latin and whenever possible in bilingual Latin/English editions.  Their initial offerings are the complete Commentaries on Paul’s Letters, the Summa theologiae, the Commentary on John, and the Commentary on Matthew.  The pre-order period has been extended to August 8th.


  1. That is wonderful doctor... shame I am 8.000 Km aka 5.000 miles from the USA U_U!

    but doctor, being a philosopher that read many works before, tell me, what is best: In Latin or the translated English version?

    Because they always say that something is lost during translation.

  2. Which would be the best Aquinas book to start with?

  3. This is fantastic. I've been trying to find a Latin, hardcover, and relatively inexpensive edition of the Summa forever. Thanks.