Monday, May 21, 2012

John Paul the Great Academy

John Paul the Great Academy in Lafayette, Louisiana is a fine Catholic college preparatory institution promoting the classical curriculum, the Thomistic intellectual tradition, and fidelity to the teaching of the Church.  Unfortunately, the Academy is suddenly facing the prospect of closure and is urgently in need of the prayers and financial assistance of those sympathetic to its mission.  Take a look at the school’s website to find out more about the Academy, and please consider making a contribution.


  1. Dr. Feser: Thank you for posting this for our school. We have some good momentum this week, and with the Lord's grace, will somehow continue to chart a path forward. Know how much we appreciate your assistance!

    God bless you and yours,

    Kevin Roberts, Headmaster

  2. I'd be happy to help.

    Any size donation will do?

  3. They might try changing the name; calling John Paul "the Great" before popular practice has accorded him that title is hugely presumptuous and therefore s sin against hope.

  4. "They might try changing the name; calling John Paul "the Great" before popular practice has accorded him that title is hugely presumptuous and therefore s sin against hope."

    Lighten up, Frances

  5. Off topic, but I've always wondered why Catholics consider JP II "the Great."

    Can anyone tell me what he did to stop the spread of liberalism in the Catholic Church? I can't think of a single thing he did.

    And he did a lot to make the Church more liberal, such as the Assisi events, kissing the Koran, and appoint liberals like the semi-Bultmanian Walter Kasper to high office.


  6. Thank you for your post. As I parent of a child at JPG, I am extremely grateful for calling attention to this matter.
    I regret that there is a debate over whether or not Pope John Paul II should be called "Great" or not.
    This miraculous gift from God has changed the lives of my family and my extended family.
    Thanks be to God for Dr. Roberts and the faculty and family members who have made it possible for my child to learn what is good, beautiful and true!
    John Paul the Great, pray for us!
    Jean Baptiste de la Salle, pray for us!

  7. I don't have any huge objection to John Paul being called "The Great", but I am just a little uneasy about the whole thing. Usually, it takes centuries for someone to be called by that title, and when it's accorded by a small group to a man less than ten years dead, there's a manipulative tang about it, as though if you shout something loud enough and repeat it often enough, it becomes "the truth" by osmosis. I don't like that attitude. It's an insult to the intelligence and it's just a little bit too Edward Bernays for my taste

  8. Corrigan1,

    At the risk of furthering your attempt to miss the forest for the trees, I'd like to ask a question. If it is only acceptable to call someone "the Great" after popular practice has accorded it to him, how would it ever become popular practice in the first place?

    In any case, I'm sorry to hear that you "don't have any huge objection" to what you claim is "hugely presumptuous and therefore a sin against hope." But before you begin psychoanalysis on the sinister and "manipulative" motives behind this wonderful school's name, you might reflect on whether or not you "have any huge objection" to sins against charity.

    The school is attempting to the best of its ability to further the mission of the Church. Read the philosophy of education over at if you'd like to know more. I can only urge you to consider the real substance of the school before dismissing it because of a name which you do or do not object to. The school can use all the help it can get.

  9. Why would anyone consider JP 2 "the Great" or even "great"?

  10. I can only imagine the amount of times Karol Wojtyla was knocked down on his way to the Chair of Peter! Even while he was Pope, our Blessed Mother protected him from an untimely death. I continue to pray for those who will only consider their feelings when it comes to paying homage to Blessed Pope John Paul II. He always forgave those who trespassed against him.

  11. Does Dr. Roberts encourage his students to kiss the Koran? Does he hold Assisi style events in his school? Does he encourage his students to undergo Mayan "limpieza" ceremonies?

    Does he teach his children that the infancy narratives are mostly bogus (such as JP'2 buddy Ray Brown, whom the pope placed on the Pontifical Biblical Commission)?

    Does he tell students that Jesus likely didn't perform miracles (as did JP 2's buddy Walter Kasper, whom he made bishop and cardinal)?

  12. Let's get back on track with the mission of this wonderful K-12 school. Please go to to give any amount you can afford. This school desperately needs all our assistance as soon as possible. May God abundantly bless you for your charitable and unselfish giving.