Friday, April 23, 2010

Scruton’s Gifford lectures

Prof. John Haldane writes to inform us that Roger Scruton’s series of Gifford lectures on “The Face of God” are available for listening online. Two of the six lectures have been presented so far. Listeners may leave comments and a recording session is planned in which Scruton can respond to some of them.


  1. w00t!

    (P.S. Some readers might like to know entire contents of past Gifford Lectures are available online at the Gifford website, e.g., Mascall's The Openness of Being. Just browse around to see what's there; nearly every volume has a decent precis at least.)


  2. Thanks for the link, brilliant stuff.

  3. wonderful, thanks mr Feser! - Scruton certainly is an interesting thinker. I hope he will once put his thoughts concerning God and religion on paper; perhaps these lectures will be a good opportunity.