Saturday, September 26, 2009

The difference between McCarthyism and liberalism

McCarthyite: someone who thinks there is a communist hiding under every bed

Liberal: someone who thinks there is a McCarthyite hiding under every bed


  1. Get with the times, Prof. All the the McCarthy-ites have long since been devoured by neo-cons, who no doubt prepped their screaming meals kosher. I know that when I retire for the evening I do so with a handy can of Neo-Kill at my side. One can never be too cautious.

  2. continuing with the theme, Leiterist: one who continuly mis-represents the position of his oppononents and reads blogs all day.

  3. That's not a sufficiently exhaustive definition of a liberal. A liberal is somebody who's lavish with the inheritance left by his grandparents.

    Yours is more aphoristic, though.

    Enough of that. I'm re-reading The Last Superstition and I would like to ask a question of somebody, anybody. If a materialist explantion of the mind is foredoomed, does that mean that materialism is in its death-throes? After all, there must be a point where naturalist theories are seen to be hopeless, and advancing knowledge only makes them seem more hopeless. And what could replace materialism, realistically speaking?

  4. It might not be as simple as it seems.

    Have you read M. Stanton Evans's: "Blacklisted by History. The Untold Story of Senator Joe McArthy And His Fight Against America's Enemies" (NY: Crown, 2007)?

    If you have done so, what's your opinion about that book?

    As a non-American citizen not living in the USA, I'm just curious about your opinion on this topic.

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