Monday, April 13, 2009

More on the APA petition controversy

Keith Pavlischek, who has been reporting on the APA petition controversy for First Things, has the latest developments here. (And see this earlier post of Pavlischek's for a summary of the broader political and cultural trends of which this controversy is but a part. The commissars are just getting started, folks. Brace yourselves.)


  1. Prof. Feser, I won't blame you for deleting my post because it's going to be pretty direct and caustic.

    Who can't see the problem with homosexual behavior?
    It's clearly a perversion of the natural order. A man has his organ and a woman has hers. When the organs function properly it's obvious what their purpose is.

    I'm supposed to stand back and be accepting of the fact that some people (practicing homosexuals) don't get it right?
    Sometimes the function of two (or more) corresponding pieces might be vague, like a jigsaw puzzle. Mistakes are made but no one is in the right to frown when the the pieces are placed together incorrectly, a product of how vague the fit is.
    Well it's pretty damn clear what the function is with corresponding sex organs. Any other act (use) with them is a perversion of the intended use (whether we assume Divine decree or being culled by mutations and selection).

    There is obviously the need to be loving toward the person. Toward the sexual behavior? The response, "you're doing it wrong" should suffice. Because they are doing it wrong.

    What crazy world are we living in when the obviousness of a particular organ's function is supposed to be ignored because some people are alittle too content to be using it wrong.
    We laugh and feel alittle uncomfortable when we see a buck humping a plastic doe.

    If something is a perversion it's a perversion regardless of how natural it feels for the individual acting that behavior out.
    It's only in circumstances like this where the reality/the objectiveness of a certain thing is placed in lower regard than the subjective interpretation of the 'things' use.

  2. This is appalling - especially for me sitting here watching this happen in the US all the way from New Zealand.

    We have the anti-discrimination laws written into legislation, only church's retain some exemption, but this is very tenuous. Watching these events unfold in the home of free speech, civil liberties, in a country with a real constitution, makes me wonder how long we have got in my country.

    Keep the fight up.