Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oderberg on bioethics

Natural law bioethicist David Oderberg reports on the state of "Bioethics Today" in The Human Life Review. Particularly timely given President Obama's latest abomination.

Bonus article: Oderberg on "What's Wrong with Embryonic Stem Cell Research?", also from The Human Life Review. [Can't link to it from here for some reason: To access this article, go to Oderberg's home page and scroll down to "Miscellaneous Writings," near the bottom.]


  1. >> President Obama's latest abomination.

    Don't you mean his latest Obamanation?

  2. Ed

    Just a quick question. I haven't studied ethics for some time but it seems to me that those natural law philosophers that deny an Thomistic metaphysics (I am thinking of Robert George and John Finnis amongst others) but who are also anti-abortion would be at a disadvantage. It seems like Oderberg would have a greater amount of metaphysical tools to defend the pro-life position and the humanness of the foetus.