Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Capital punishment on radio and TV

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 27 at 1:40 pm PT, I’ll be on The Ed Morrissey Show to discuss By Man Shall His Blood Be Shed.  On the same day, my co-author Joe Bessette will be on Meet the Author with Ken Huck at 12 pm PT.  On Thursday, August 3, Joe and I will appear on The World Over with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN.
My recent Catholic Answers Focus appearance is available online.  So is my appearance on The Live Hour with Todd Sylvester.  Links to other recent radio interviews can be found here and here.  Stay tuned for announcements of future appearances. 


  1. A bit off topic, but please see about getting your books onto the FaithLife (Logos) platform. It's a great platform for organizing a research library and your work on Aquinas, philosophy of mind, metaphysics would be a great addition.

  2. You have promoted your capital punishment book incessantly. Why? What do you expect to gain from it? Priests and bishops are not going to start demanding that civil authorities ramp up executions. Neither will the public. What you have said in your book about the morality death penalty is technically correct, but the modern and irreversible worldwide trend is to limit its use.

  3. Anonymous, did you mean "aside from making money"?

    The trend among the elite part of the population, say the 30% that graduates from college, has been to suppress and reject capital punishment. The trend among the rest of the population in the US has not been. In California, as recently as last year, they defeated a referendum to eradicate the death penalty and instead approved a referendum to limit the appeals process and speed up the process toward execution.

    But whether or not the trend is toward or away from using it says nothing about whether the good is served by using it or abolishing it. If capital punishment used carefully serves the common good, then any trend toward abolishing it is a BAD trend, something we should be working against. Which is the whole point. The trend in the West has been away from sexual morality, which just means that we need to be working to counter that trend, not decide that the majority has it right.