Sunday, January 1, 2023

The wages of gin

My review of Jane Peyton’s The Philosophy of Gin appears in the Christmas 2022 issue of The Lamp magazine.


  1. Happy New Year!
    My favorite drink is a Tom Collins
    made with Gilbey's Gin.
    BTW this might be a good time to give us your list of recommended new books.

  2. Now, there's a topic truly worthy of a professional philosopher"s attention!

    How about dropping a few thoughts here as I try to make the registration process work.

    There are of course sites dedicated to the topic of reviewing gins. Some of the reviews are surprisingly positive, but they make sense if you think about it. or .

    Frankly, enjoying a distinct note of juniper - and why bother with gin otherwise - I find I like Gordon's just fine at six to one, shaken, and yes, with a squeeze of zest after the pour. Hell, make a day of it and toss in a blue cheese stuffed olive as well. Might need a rocks or double old fashioned glass to fit however.

    Really though, the drink is best in a classic sized martini glass of 4 to 6 Oz capacity. The Poles produce some good cocktail glasses sold in the U.S. at the stores your wife or mothers shop at.

    And, nothing wrong and very much is right with old Dad's favorite, Beefeater's too. Nor much to criticize in Bombay, nor Tanqueray.

    Mention was made earlier of Gilbey's. It's an almost forgotten workhorse as well. Remember seeing it in a frosted bottle when I was a kid.

  3. Also Ed, several years ago during the Trump administration I might have insulted you and said bad things about you via email. I'm sorry for that. I am far from a perfect person or a perfect reasoner, so please be patient with me that, by the hope of some exceptional grace, I might evolve.

    I love Martinis and Manhattans. There are lots of good bars around the area I live. Looking forward to the day when we can enjoy drinks together.

  4. The wages of gin is breath.