Friday, July 20, 2012

See you in Sydney

I’ll be in Australia next week for the CAEC speaking tour I announced recently.  Blog activity will be sporadic at best until I return.  You can find information about the tour here, and a YouTube promo hereThe Catholic Weekly of Sydney has run an interview with me that you can read here, and a separate radio interview can be heard here.


  1. I'm commenting here because I think my short comment got lost in the visceral fray of comments on your post "the road from atheism."
    I loved the post. I was wondering, though, if you have written somewhere on how the Incarnation coincides with classical theism? In not ascribing to theistic personalism, what does one do with the raw humanity of Christ?

  2. I just saw were you commented on this to another blogger. So no worries. Thanks!