Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hot for Hayek

This chick really digs F. A. Hayek.  Too bad for her he’s already got a Companion.


  1. I always believed in humor to teach philosophy. Most don't seem to. I would draw cartoons on the blackboard to illustrate Kant's theory of knowledge etc... I thought it was a hoot!. Also one of my students wrote a paper calling David Hume as a witness for the defense, "no cause, no effect.. You could prove that I killed my that man. It's just one thing happening after another."

  2. She reminds me of the girl I dated in college. Or is that Felica Day?

    Who knew Economist chicks where as awesome as rpg/sci-fi/gamer girls?

    Nerdy chicks rule!

  3. Also the fact that Hayek has been pushing the daisies for almost 20 yrs might be a problem to a serious relationship :P

    @ Ben

    No that's not Felicia Day.

    Yes nerdy girls are FTW!

  4. People, if you go to the youtube page you;ll see that the girl is 'Dorian Electra'. She also links to a Myspace page...
    She also has a facebook page.

  5. >No that's not Felicia Day.

    Let me rephrase Felicia Day reminds me of Theresa my college girlfriend.

    She dated me for 11 months broke up with me & crushed my will to was frickin awesome!

    I eventually got over her. Found a girl who could do philosophical theology in her sleep & married her.

    Nerd girlz rule!!!!!!

  6. Good heavens, that girl is in my class!!

  7. BenYachov, I hope I'm not being rude, but you are a very odd fellow.

  8. Haha great video! Almost as good as this one:

  9. >BenYachov, I hope I'm not being rude, but you are a very odd fellow.


  10. So do you now repudiate everything you once stood for? You once stated support for anarchocapitalism! YOU SAID its justifiable based on taxation being theft. And now you turn your back on that! TREASON!

  11. Anon,

    I don't know if that's supposed to be a gag comment, but just to clarify, I was never an anarcho-capitalist, though I did flirt with the idea. I was never convinced, back in my libertarian days, that Nozick's derivation of the minimal state was wrong, and I think my inherent conservatism has saved me from ever going too far off the deep end in any event.

    I did say that taxation was theft. That was a mistake. The truth is that some taxation (and no doubt lots of actual taxation) is theft, but taxation per se is not theft. It's just more complicated than "all" or "none." That has its defects as a bumper sticker, but it's the sober truth, for which I argue in my article "Classical Natural Law Theory, Property Rights, and Taxation."

    Anyway, I'll look forward to seeing your "I hate Edward Feser" video on YouTube.

  12. Oh REALLY?! You admit to stating that taxation is theft! You also said that anarcho-capitalist conclusions inevitably follow from this, and still did not recant! You nowhere said "and therefore in spite of all this it would lead to anarchy and thus I cannot support it." And you now DENY that this is IMPLIED SUPPORT OF ANARCHISM?!