Monday, November 3, 2008

Dewey defeats Truman?

Can John McCain pull victory from the jaws of defeat one last time? John Podhoretz thinks he can, and Roger Kimball, Bob Krumm, and Vox Day think he will. Perhaps what they have to say will help some readers to sleep more soundly tonight.

I, for one, pray they are right. Barack Obama is an evil man who will do great damage to our country if elected. There are many reasons to think so. By far the most significant (as I have noted previously) is his unspeakably wicked record and positions vis-a-vis abortion, cloning, euthanasia, and related matters. Others include: the active support he will give the cause of "same-sex marriage" (he claims to oppose it, but that he is lying is evident from, among other things, his support of the California Supreme Court decision imposing it, his opposition to Proposition 8, and his call for the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act); his effective abandonment of the Iraqi people to the tender mercies of the jihadists; the incalculable harm this will do to American prestige abroad (not among the decadent European elites, to be sure, but among our enemies, whose perception of us is far more important); his imbecilic economic policies, which will worsen the current economic crisis and lead the United States further in the direction of a sclerotic social democracy; the threat to free speech posed by the Democrats' proposed revival of the "fairness doctrine" (which he claims to oppose, but if you believe he will fight Pelosi and Reid on this you are living in a Douglas Kmiec-style fantasy land); the repulsive Maoist cult of personality that has grown up around him; and so on and on.

If you find it difficult tomorrow to vote for McCain, just think of it instead as voting against Obama. It will be easy.

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