Friday, June 5, 2009

Leiter hits new low. In other news, sky is blue, water wet…

In response to the recent shooting of George Tiller, I wrote that “vigilantism is a grave offense against the moral and social order,” that “no private citizen has the right to take justice into his own hands,” and that “Tiller’s murderer ought to be punished to the fullest extent of the law.” Brian Leiter, well-known serial liar, reports this by describing me as an “apologist for murder.”

This is the world we live in, folks. Black is white. Up is down. Killing unborn children is compassion. Condemning murder is defending murder. And Leiter is an arbiter of philosophical respectability.

UPDATE: Over at What’s Wrong with the World, I’ve posted a further reply to Leiter. The comboxes to the WWWtW cross-post versions of my original posts on Tiller, Schwyzer, and Leiter have been pretty active, and interested readers are invited to go check out the fairly heated discussions that have been taking place there.

UPDATE 2: Leiter has updated his post yet again, objecting, as is his custom, to the temerity of anyone who defends himself against one of Leiter’s smears. He also throws in what looks like yet another lie, claiming that I have offered no reply to his libelous charge – a charge which is too ludicrous to merit a reply, but to which I replied anyway in the WWWtW post linked to in my previous update. Common decency would have led Leiter to call his readers’ attention to it, but since uncommon indecency is Leiter’s bag, that was never likely.

UPDATE 3: Though he frantically assures us he doesn’t spend his whole day reading blogs, Leiter has now updated his post one more time in response to my criticizing him for not informing his readers of the reply in question. He says he simply hadn’t seen it. I will extend to Leiter the basic courtesy he refuses to extend to me and take him at his word. After hysterically and libelously calling me an “apologist for murder,” Leiter now has the brass to suggest that I “calm down.” I will when you do, pal.


  1. Next time, just say you're personally opposed to abortionist-cide.

    James Chastek

  2. "While I am personally opposed to the termination of abortionists, it is not right to attempt to impose my personal moral decision upon those who make the difficult personal decision to terminate an abortionist

    Nevertheless, surely, all persons of good-will can come together on common ground to work toward making the termination of abortionists 'safe, legal, and rare'