Monday, December 9, 2013

Back from Cologne

Back today from an excellent conference on the theme “New Scholastic Meets Analytic Philosophy” hosted by the Lindenthal Institut, with cooperation from the publisher Editiones Scholasticae, in Cologne, Germany.  (Since the best return flight option required staying an extra day, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Cologne Cathedral and the tombs of Albertus Magnus and Duns Scotus.)  An impressive group of students from KU Leuven attended the conference.  David Oderberg and I are pictured with them above.   


  1. Glad to see you made it back from Germany, sounds like a long flight!

    Is there a transcript or video of the talks being given anywhere? (I tried to make it to Germany, but I just couldn't quite make it their from Texas...)

    Also, I've been trying to find information on Garrigou-Lagrange’s version of the PSR, since I didn't quite understand it from my read of his epic, God: His Existence and Nature. (which I bought on your recommendation, it was worth every penny!)

    Do you know of any resources on that topic?

    Welcome back to the USA!

  2. Hello Timotheos, a volume containing the conference papers is planned. Re: G-L on PSR, I say a bit about that subject in the forthcoming metaphysics book.

  3. Completely off topic but the irony of this delicious:

  4. My brother comes back from Rome, and Feser comes back from Germany... Sounds good to me!

    Feser, you should do an article on whether or not it would be moral to use a teleportation device. You know, like if all your molecules were re-produced somewhere else, while your original molecules fall apart. Assuming your soul appeared in this recreated you, wouldn't teleporting be a sort of suicide?

  5. I wonder if Aquinas has written anything about "Ship of Theseus" type problems.

  6. @ ozero91

    Don't remember if Aquinas did, but Oderberg covered it in section 5.4 of his book Real Essentialism

  7. I was wondering if Dr. Feser was aware of this article and what his opinion of it was:

  8. About teleportation --

    I think that my interest in philosophy began as a small child way back in the 1940s with a Saturday morning radio program for children that was called "Let's Pretend".

    In one story a child uses a "modern device" to transport himself over the telephone. He lifts the receiver, pushes a button or something, and he is transported, mind and body to the place where his friend is at the other end of the telephone line. I asked myself: Could this ever really be??? And I still wonder :-)

    Don't tell me that kids can't be introduced to philosophical questions well before college.

  9. Feser, you're a tall drink.

    What are you? 6'2?

    Or is Oderberg a lil' penguin?

    And no, I'm not flirting with you.

  10. Am I the only one did not know about this upcoming book click here by Feser.

  11. "Am I the only one did not know about this upcoming book . . . by Feser."

    The one announced here, you mean ;-)?

  12. We are all envious, what a great trip.


  13. As was exclaimed in Toy Story about Buzz Lightyear:

    "Impressive wingspan!"