Friday, October 19, 2012

TLS auf Deutsch

I am pleased to announce that Editiones scholasticae has released a German translation of The Last Superstition, under the title Der letzte Aberglaube: Eine philosophische Kritik des Neuen Atheismus.  Interested readers can order from the publisher’s website, or from Amazon’s German or UK sites.


  1. Aberglaube. The Germans have a very gritty way with words.

  2. I had the book on pre-order and received it the other day via mail here in Germany. I started to read it now and it is fun to read it in my own language and comparing and remembering my first reading of the work in english. I also like the cover :-) I have already started to recommend it to people.

  3. Großartig! I've been waiting for this.

  4. I second Vinicius Oliveira - and all of your brazilian admirers, for sure! Can´t wait for the kindle version. Btw, I can also translate your books to portuguese for free, if you are interested, and help you to find a publisher in Brazil. Thank God, there has been a revival in the classical/thomistic studies in this country lately. God bless.

  5. I'm sure the "snow is white" example in German need a bit of a rethink ;-)

  6. Hello Dr. Feser, As a long time admirer of your blog I would like to thank you for the many benefits your work has granted me in my outlook of life. I was wondering what your opinion was on the book on the German website selling your TLS called "Act and potency A critical examination of the recent systematic Thomism" by Lorenz Fuetscher. Does Fuetscher's book which seems to have won converts or arguments like them that try to argue for the denial of act-potency or the modern categorical-dispensational property distinction cause significant troubles for the real distinction of act and potency necessary to ground classical theism or more broadly is there any way a metaphysics not based in this distinction could work to make intelligible change and the four causes, i.e. what would the consequences be for the denial, as I am having a hard time seeing even if it was wrong what in principle could replace it. As a side note and one I've been contemplating but I don't think is possible could you still ground a casual argument for God without this distinction, based on change and motion, or even get to classical theism without it as you seem to imply is not possible on one of the lectures you gave that you posted on the blog. Thanks for your help as I am somewhat concerned that the whole edifice of theism hangs on this one distinction and books like these cause me immeasurable distress that the whole edifice of monotheism will be ruined if somehow it was proved that act/potency was incoherent.

  7. For the Brazilian readers of Mr. Feser:

    The Last Superstition is being translated to Brazilian Portuguese and will be published next year, in the first term. A small publishing house has already bought its subsidiary rights.

    As for Aquinas, the same publishing house attempted to buy its rights but they are too expensive, since its publisher in English is a big publishing company.

    Please pray so that the Brazilian translator finish the job in time.

  8. Hi, Guilherme,

    Thank you very much for the information. Any hint on the name of the publishing house?

    Can I be of any help?


    PS: if we are both brazilians, why are we discussing in english? :P

    PPS: Prof. Feser, I´d love to buy the kindle version, anyways.

  9. I guess we're wrtiting in English because Mr. Feser and his English-speaking readers don't understand Portuguese! hehehe!

    The publishing house is called Edições Cristo Rei (Christ the King Editions).

    I am responsible for the translation. If you are a catholic, please pray for me so that I can do a good job and do it in time.

    Thank you very much!

  10. Brasileirossss...hahahha

    A gente como erva daninha na net.

  11. hehe

    Hi, again, Guilherme,

    What is your e-mail?

    Mine is henriquepsleite AT gmail

    God bless,

  12. Anon at October 21, 2012 5:08 AM,

    If you want input, do you think you could summarize some of the author's objections and arguments? I think then some of the regular posters here could provide some insight.

  13. Guilherme, good luck in your work!

    Another Brazilian reader (also writing in English)