Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tahko on Aristotelian metaphysics

Over at his blog, Tuomas Tahko has posted a draft of his paper “In Defense of Aristotelian Metaphysics,” from the forthcoming anthology on Contemporary Aristotelian Metaphysics he is editing for Cambridge University Press. Go check it out. You can read more about the volume here.


  1. Thanks for the publicity Ed! I hope to be able to post a table of contents soon.

  2. I am so looking forward to reading this paper!

  3. I enjoyed reading Dr. Tahko's paper - especially the critique of Ladyman and Ross (I think there should be more such critiques). The marking of a distinction between metaphysics and conceptual analysis reminded me of some of the excellent work that Stanley Rosen has done (especially in his book, The Limits of Analysis). Have either Dr. Feser or Dr. Tahko read it, or part of it? If so, opinions?

  4. My pleasure, Tuomas! BTW, I just added the snapshot above to help make sure that no one misses seeing this post, given the (long-ish) next post on classical theism I'll be putting up shortly. Plus, everyone should see what a serious beard looks like. (I will spare the reader any snaps of the pathetic stubble beard I've been sporting of late.)


    I'm aware of Rosen's book, but I'm afraid I haven't read it. Someday, though.

  5. Anon,
    Unfortunately I haven't read Rosen's book either, but I hope to have a chance to do so. Thanks for the pointer!