Saturday, May 30, 2009

Book of the Year

I’ve just learned that The Last Superstition has been named the Book of the Year in Religion by ForeWord Magazine. (I had reported on its nomination back in March.)


  1. My, I'd say you're having a pretty good month, eh?

  2. You truly are a mensch, as another guest has noted: A family, a class load, your much-beloved books, and a blog where you even take the time to answer our pestiferous questions!

    I really look up to you, Ed.

  3. Yes, Ed has done marvelous work. Please keep the blogging and book writing coming!!!


  4. Thank you, everyone. Very kind! Substantial blogging should resume during the week...

  5. Dr. Feser,

    I'm sure you must be a busy guy with five children and all. However, if you are looking for topics to cover, I'd be interested in knowing what the difference is between a universal, a concept, and a natural kind. Ayn Rand, for example, treated the first two as synonomous. Also, is it true that nominalists consider concepts 'arbitrary' in the sense that Rand used the word (no connection to reality)?


  6. Wow! Well done and well deserved.

    When is the next book due out ;-) LOL!