Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another conspiracy?

Caught The China Syndrome, the 1979 nuclear power plant disaster movie, on TV tonight. A character in the movie says that a nuclear meltdown could result in an area the size of Pennsylvania becoming permanently uninhabitable. And the filmmakers clearly had an agenda: to damage the nuclear power industry. Do you know what happened just twelve days after the movie was released? The famous Three Mile Island nuclear power plant disaster. Do you know where Three Mile Island is? Pennsylvania. Do you know what happened after the accident? The movie took off at the box office. And construction of new nuclear power plants effectively ceased.

Coincidence? Put on your thinking caps, people! Don't be sheeple!

Was the Three Mile Island accident engineered by Columbia Pictures (the film’s distributor) and its allies in the anti-nuclear movement so as to generate publicity for the movie? Was the reference to “Pennsylvania” an inadvertent slip by a screenwriter or actor having foreknowledge of the event? In the same year, Columbia Pictures co-produced the Steven Spielberg flop 1941 with Universal Studios. Universal was at the time controlled by mogul Lew Wasserman, well-known as a patron of the Democratic Party. Jimmy Carter, the president at the time and a Democrat, visited the site of the Three Mile Island disaster, thereby lending the power of his office to fostering the perception that the accident was a major one which ought to raise concerns about nuclear power. Carter’s daughter Amy once famously advised her father that the control of nuclear arms was the most pressing issue in the election of 1980 -- one year after the movie and the accident.

Again, could this all just be coincidence?

Hey, I’m just asking questions here. Surely more research is needed?

The answer, of course, is yes, it is just a coincidence. And no, no further "research" is needed. Such “eyebrow-raising coincidences” are a dime a dozen, and are utterly meaningless. People overly impressed with Marvin Bush’s “links” to Larry Silverstein or Prescott Bush’s “links” to Hitler take note.

People predisposed to believe that there is a leftist screenwriter lurking under every bed will, of course, no doubt see in this something more than coincidence – just as someone predisposed to look for Zionists or neo-cons under every bed will see all sorts of strange things in other entirely innocent patterns. But the “six degrees of separation” phenomenon has a name because it is real, and what it shows is that there are all sorts of patterns in social affairs that tell us… precisely nothing of interest.


  1. Three Mile Island Trutherism - it's time has come at last! You've got me totally convinced. (I ignored the last two paragraphs because I know that THEY made you write that part...)

  2. Slightly off-topic, but...

    I know you aren't a fan of the ID movement, Prof Feser. But I have the outside suspicion that Egnor has read your book.

  3. I had the same thought about a year ago when I was watching a history channel episode about "movies that changed the world" and they were discussing TMI and the China Syndrome. TMI was not random. It was caused entirely by operator error. I was surprised that there wasn't more investigation into the possibility of operator sabotage. Who was the operator? Did they have motive?
    The China Syndrome probably did more longterm damage to the US energy policy than is calculable. Imagine if we had continued with nuclear and continued to advance our way complete energy independence (like the French DID). Those that think we are "no nukes" are deluding themselves. There are over 400 active worldwide and a quarter of them in the US. Is it safe? You tell me the last time somebody was injured. Comparing anything nuclear to Chernobyl is like calling a Mercedes a Yugo. Imagine if we had continued....No mideast issues, no terrorist, maybe no greenhouse gas issues....Pretty freakin expensive movie.

  4. There is a genuine conspiracy to Movie the China Syndrome and Three Mile Island, but it is not any of the things that have been listed. The chances of of so many similarities in the movie and the actual accident happening by chance are unlikely enough, but the fact that the movie was released virtually at the SAME EXACT time as the accident are near statistical impossibilities. Three Mile Island and China syndrome both featured stuck valves as part of their plots. Both mentioned Pennsylvania and both involved eerily similar cover ups on the part of the companies involved. In the case of TMI it was the company initially not admitting that radioactive steam had been released. In the movie, the company refused to address the accident all together and falsified welds.

    This type of foreshadowing for planned future false flag and black ops events has long been a practice of the Rothschildian Illuminati. The reason is that they operate using a form of Kabbalistic magical ceremonies where their intentions "spells" have to be publicly announced and open, the same as the ancient rights of human sacrifice of their Luciferian past had to be performed communally. Some Jews still perform public blood rituals with chickens to this very day for Kapparot.

    The China syndrome was the Illuminati's public announcement for their planned ritualistic "spell" which happened shortly later at the TMI nuclear power plant. The intention was to kill the nuclear power industry in America as a first step to the total destruction of the American economy and self sufficiency, which they have nearly completed in 2009. It is the very same principle as what was observable during the Iraq war with "SHOCK AND AWE" which bears an eerie resemblance to Shekinah as does Mother of All Bombs to Moab. The Illuminati cover story was that M.O.A.B. was named mockingly to Husseins "Mother of All Wars" comment, but a look closer reveals that Saddam Hussein was said and even claimed by himself and some to be the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar. The M.O.A.B. or Moab, Moabites then just becomes another clever Illuminati foreshadowing for their intended recreation of the story of Nebuchadnezzar in their Iraq war.

  5. Too much of a coincidence