Monday, December 15, 2008

Horwitz on The Cambridge Companion to Hayek

In the latest issue of History of Political Economy, economist Steven Horwitz describes my recent edited volume The Cambridge Companion to Hayek as "a very good collection of original essays... For scholars not especially familiar with Hayek's work who are looking for a one-volume introduction to his thought in all of its wide range, The Cambridge Companion would work very nicely."

From some earlier reviews: "Thoroughly informative and stimulating" (National Review); "Highly recommended" (Journal of Markets and Morality); "The best collection of articles on Hayek assembled to date. All future serious Hayek scholarship will have to incorporate this volume... It is a tour de force" (Liberty).

Order your copy here.


  1. Dr. Feser,

    Are there any biographies of Hayek that you would recommend? I gather there have been a couple.


  2. Hi Neil, the main one so far is Alan Ebenstein's Friedrich Hayek: A Biography. Then there's Bruce Caldwell's Hayek's Challenge, which is an "intellectual biography" focusing on tracing the evolution of Hayek's system of thought over time, rather than the events of his life (though there's some of that in it too).