Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Upcoming lectures

As I announced last month, next week I’ll be in Oxford speaking on the theme “Aquinas and the Immaterial Aspects of Thought,” as part of the Blackfriars Aquinas Seminar.

On Saturday, March 2 I’ll be speaking in Lafayette, Louisiana at Our Lady of Wisdom Church and Catholic Student Center, near the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  The title of the talk is “An Aristotelian Proof of the Existence of God.”  More information is available here.


  1. Dr. Feser, will you be at school during the week? I would like to visit you during your office hours.

  2. Hi Darone, on Monday and Tuesday I will be.

  3. I would be really interest in hearing/seeing your presentation of Aquinas and the immaterial aspects of thoughts.

    IF there is a video/audio can you make it available on the blog?

  4. Dr. Feser,

    I am looking forward to hearing you lecture at Our Lady of Wisdom in Lafayette. I am publicizing the event through our local church parish.

    I pray that you will have a safe trip here to Louisiana.